It's just a game


Merry Xmas!

(and all the rest of that jazz)

Fill your Christmas holiday with good cheer, joyful decorations, and unforgettable experien... Oh dear god, I can't talk any more of this crap! I mean, come on... really? Every year with this sht??? Just have a good holiday and I'll zoom you in 2022... maybe (probably not). Good bye!

Michele.Christmas ○△□

Why are you still scrolling?

I have nothing for you.


Common questions

Maybe you have questions maybe you don’t, good for you! Either way nothing will be answered here.

Who is Michele Neylon?
If you have ask, you really shouldn’t be here!
It's cheaper than a book of stamps!
Why Michele Neylon?
What? That doesn’t even make sense.
Can I contact Michele?
It's possible, but just know... you shoudn't.

What they say about Michele Neylon